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You have probably held a product from Nordiska Plast in your hand at some point. It might have been the shopping basket at the shop, a smart container for your home, a tool crate in your garage or a practical storage solution at the office. Because we have developed, manufactured and marketed various plastic products for 60 years.

Today we are a leading company and we offer one of the widest ranges on the market. We are constantly renewing the range in our product development, and our selection of form, function and material always has a conscious and thorough purpose. As a leading company, we can also offer a very secure delivery.

Our range

Consumer products
We develop, manufacture and market consumer goods in plastic. Our customers are located in homes and households, offices and in leisure.  The products are sold to retail stores and with various wholesalers. The range is characterised by a smart and modern design, where function and ergonomics play an important part. The range is constantly being developed. We create new products, new forms and new colours. All this to meet the highest demands of a changing market.

Shopping baskets
We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of shopping baskets.  The first model was developed in the early 1960's. Today there are several models in the range, as well as accessories such as carts. A shopping basket can also be a good place for advertising, and we offer an option with printed logos and special colours that match the profile of each specific shop. Shopping baskets are sold in retail stores via wholesalers and manufacturers specialised on shop design.

Water purification 
HUFO filter material is a product that is favourably used in sewage treatment works. The material does for instance replace the traditional macadam bed and can also be rinsed clean in the event of excessive biomass.